Monday, June 20, 2011

Latest from Kerp

Thanks to donor, Encik Shamsul Anuar for the latest contribution, and everyone who have parted their hard-earned money to help both my wife and I in going through this ordeal with some ease.

She has started taking the very costly chemo drug, which can fetch up to a whopping RM12k a month, and this medication has to be taken for life!

The drug by the way is called Sunitinib, or commonly known as Sutent.  Feel free to google it up.

My wife’s taking it well however, to much of our surprise. Physically she feels much stronger but inevitably at times the pain/side effects from the drug can really floor her.

For now things are looking slightly up. Let’s hope the positivity will climb up to a few notches more. Looking at how Molee’s been faring so far, I’m optimistic it will.


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