Thursday, June 30, 2011

B4B=KERP Latest Update

UPDATE: 30th June 2011, 1826hrs - The Fund has now reached RM25,457.34 with the latest contribution from a reader contributing a total of RM150 Thank you to AMRY & SHARINA (for those wishing anonymity, please include in your email that no acknowledgment is required. Thank you for all your kind words and contributions)

EXCO, Blog House Malaysia

Monday, June 20, 2011

Multimedia College to do their part for B4B=Kerp fund

latest update:27th June 2011
 L to R: Datuk Rocky, Big Dog, Endie Shazlie, Syed Akbar Ali and MMC CEO Khaneeza Khalid
MMC - Multi Media College, a subsidiary of TM had earlier in the month picked up a CSR project to be the focal point of their student body involvement. The CSR project is used as a learning environment by getting the students to understand and work towards a good cause.

CEO Khaneeza Khalid had informed Blog House Malaysia through her getting in touch with our treasurer that the students of MMC had already decided that the B4B=Kerp fund thatwas  kicked off earlier by BHM will be their cause. As such since then, the students have been washing cars to raise funds for B4=Kerp.

Today, in a simple get together at the MMC premises, a cheque of RM2,478.00 was handed over to Kerp in the presence of Blog House Committee members. BHM Adviser Datuk Rocky had earlier thanked the students of MMC on their achievement and contribution.

Kerp was also invited to give a motivational talk to the students. During lunch another surprise was in for Kerp, when Datuk Rocky handed over a personal cheque to him for RM5,000.00 The amount was a collective contribution by Datuk Rocky, Datuk Nuraina, Firdaus Abdullah and Tony Yew.

That brought the amount for the B4B=Kerp so far to RM25,307.34.
We wish Kerp and Molee all the best in their challenging times ahead.

 Pix of Multimedia College by Kamil Razif Redzuan, Flikr id kamilrazif89

Thanks to BHM's efforts, and much to Treasurer Zakhir Mohamed's help, the Multimedia College has embarked on a fund raiser to chip in to the already growing B4B=Kerp fund.

BHM received a note from Zakhir informing us that the college has started a car wash fund which was manned by their students in their CSR programme which would culminate into a cheque handing over ceremony to Kerp. Kerp who was informed of the CSR programme by Multimedia College CEO Khaneeza Khalid will also be addressing the students on his plight and how it can help motivate the students who are mostly doing their diplomas there.

The event will be held on 27th of June at the Multimedia College on Jalan Semarak, KL from 11.00am to 2.00 pm.

Thanks to all who are contributing to this one way or another.

Latest from Kerp

Thanks to donor, Encik Shamsul Anuar for the latest contribution, and everyone who have parted their hard-earned money to help both my wife and I in going through this ordeal with some ease.

She has started taking the very costly chemo drug, which can fetch up to a whopping RM12k a month, and this medication has to be taken for life!

The drug by the way is called Sunitinib, or commonly known as Sutent.  Feel free to google it up.

My wife’s taking it well however, to much of our surprise. Physically she feels much stronger but inevitably at times the pain/side effects from the drug can really floor her.

For now things are looking slightly up. Let’s hope the positivity will climb up to a few notches more. Looking at how Molee’s been faring so far, I’m optimistic it will.


Friday, June 3, 2011

B4B=KERP Latest Update

UPDATE: 3rd June 2011, 1252hrs - The Fund has now reached RM17,829.34 with the latest contribution from a reader contributing a total of RM100 Thank you to YONG CHIAK PING (for those wishing anonymity, please include in your email that no acknowledgment is required. Thank you for all your kind words and contributions)

EXCO, Blog House Malaysia 

The following is a message from Kerp (2nd June 2011).... 
"Dear Blog House Malaysia,

Molee and I will be away in her hometown Kuala Selangor for about one week beginning tomorrow (Thursday). It’s going to be the first time going back to her parents’ home since she was diagnosed and I really hope with the change of environment it will speed up her recuperation process.

For now she’s on a new set of medication prescribed by the oncologist, and the side effects apparently didn’t wait for long to kick in. Nonetheless she was mentally prepared but at times her body simply couldn’t take that much.

It has been a tough few months for us but I will never abandon my pledge to always give the best for her since day 1. This wouldn’t be possible without the support we get from all you wonderful people who have contributed financial assistance, prayers and words of encouragement. All your support has given Molee the extra strength to go through this ordeal fighting.



p/s – to all you wonderful peeps @ BHM, huge thanks for all your effort in making this on-going  B4B campaign a success. So far it has certainly helped in many ways. Love you guys much!

Godspeed, Kerp.