Friday, June 3, 2011

B4B=KERP Latest Update

UPDATE: 3rd June 2011, 1252hrs - The Fund has now reached RM17,829.34 with the latest contribution from a reader contributing a total of RM100 Thank you to YONG CHIAK PING (for those wishing anonymity, please include in your email that no acknowledgment is required. Thank you for all your kind words and contributions)

EXCO, Blog House Malaysia 

The following is a message from Kerp (2nd June 2011).... 
"Dear Blog House Malaysia,

Molee and I will be away in her hometown Kuala Selangor for about one week beginning tomorrow (Thursday). It’s going to be the first time going back to her parents’ home since she was diagnosed and I really hope with the change of environment it will speed up her recuperation process.

For now she’s on a new set of medication prescribed by the oncologist, and the side effects apparently didn’t wait for long to kick in. Nonetheless she was mentally prepared but at times her body simply couldn’t take that much.

It has been a tough few months for us but I will never abandon my pledge to always give the best for her since day 1. This wouldn’t be possible without the support we get from all you wonderful people who have contributed financial assistance, prayers and words of encouragement. All your support has given Molee the extra strength to go through this ordeal fighting.



p/s – to all you wonderful peeps @ BHM, huge thanks for all your effort in making this on-going  B4B campaign a success. So far it has certainly helped in many ways. Love you guys much!

Godspeed, Kerp.

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  1. Thank you so much for all the donations so far, and both my wife and I are so deeply touched by the response we've been getting, from near and far alike, you wonderful people have jacked up our hopes to a much greater level. I know it is near impossible but if only i could thank and hug each and everyone of you personally, I definitely would.

    The radiotherapy cycle will come to an end soon and that is when my wife has to start taking the drugs prescribed which even with the total sum of both our salaries combined comes nowhere near the price of the medication for half a month, let alone a month!

    Her oncologist was kind enough to introduce us to an NGO body that could provide in purchasing the drug at a cheaper price.

    My immediate concern of course is my wife's condition once the side effects kick in but with the program the doctor had enlightened, hope we can come to an agreement soon.

    Again, a BIG THANK YOU to all, and that includes those who have offered prayers and priceless words of encouragement.

    We're up for all the challenges ahead.

    Bring it on!